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My week spent in your CIERS2 training class was invaluable in helping me build confidence and master my lab execution technique.  It was definitely the advantage I needed to take and pass my R&S lab.  Thank you!

Scott Strobeck, CCIE #35733


Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I've finally got my CCIE and in particular I believe the Cisco 360 Mocklabs that I used contributed quite a bit to build that last bit of capability and confidence I needed to finally get over the line. http://noshut.blogspot.com/2012/07/my-ccie-journey.html

Adam Booth, CCIE #35951


I wanted to let you know that I passed RS yesterday. I was lucky it was my first attempt.  I am # 35841.  Thank you for the help and motivation.  Your [Cisco 360 Advanced Workshop II] class was very valuable in the practical experience.  Anyone that has asked how I was studying I mention I took the [Cisco] 360 class with you and that it was very helpful.

Kevin Huff, CCIE #35841


I recently passed the CCIE Lab Exam thanks to CIERS2, the online mentoring sessions, and Bruce Caslow’s instruction during the bootcamp. I had unsuccessfully attempted the exam previously and NetMaster helped me identify my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. During the CIERS2 bootcamp, Bruce provided one-on-one instruction and helped me develop an improved strategy for taking the exam. The online mentoring sessions were invaluable and allowed me to understand the technologies better than I could have imagined. I would recommend the program for any serious CCIE candidate, especially those that have taken the exam and failed in a previous attempt.

Matthew Burch, USAA, CCIE #35240


I recently passed my CCIE Routing & Switching lab exam.  The 360 program’s Workbook and Assessment labs were very challenging and great preparation for what a person can expect in the real lab environment.  Most of all, I want to extend my appreciation for the entire team at NetMasterClass.  Everyone was very knowledgeable and really helped me understand the technologies I needed to be prepared for and identify where I needed more preparation.  The Mentor sessions were a great opportunity to ask questions to very sharp individuals that help understand the core requirements of each task. Thank you and the entire NetMasterClass team for all of your assistance throughout this long process! 

Paul Zummo, Presidio, CCIE #35079


I want to thank Bruce and the NetMasterClass team for the lessons learned from the CIERS-2 Bootcamp.  It provided the confidence and strategy needed to pass the R&S lab.  The new IOU troubleshooting sections were excellent and a huge benefit to the overall program.  The complete Cisco 360 study material was critical in obtaining my number.

Daryl Fothergill, Cisco, CCIE #34889

My journey started by using the NMC recommended book list which I completed in earnest. I moved on and used each and every single one (except the last) of the excellent COD lessons. The level of detail in these is simply amazing and often I had to rewatch them several times just to make sure I had not missed anything. No where else will you find this plethora of knowledge crammed so succinctly into such a short length of time. I also completed many of the 360 exercise labs. Once again, the mentor guide provided by NMC/Cisco 360 simply awesome. Being able to check the command outputs as if you were sitting on the properly configured device and being able to do that at any time night or day (it even works on my iPhone) is invaluable. I spent the last 4 months attending Mr Caslow's excellent Live Online Group Mentoring sessions. The "proof by debug, proof by IOS" techniques used in LOGM sessions are once again, invaluable for a positive lab experience. 2 and a half months before the actual lab, I finally had the honor of attending CIERS Workshop 1 with the master Bruce Caslow. It was not only an unparalleled experience in terms of training, he has been doing it for more than 15 years, but unparalleled in terms of what he does to your confidence. I came out of the Workshop much wiser and much more confidant and it showed in my Graded labs and at the actual lab where I was time and again able to fall back to his wisdom and pass on the first attempt.
Nimish Bhasin, #28547
I wouldn't have been able to pass the CCIE lab on the first attempt without the help of the Cisco 360 program.The timed graded assessment labs were one of the key components to my success.They prepare you to configure multiple complex technologies under time pressure,and really help with "issue spotting" (seeing how the blueprint topics interoperate).The new IOU based troubleshooting labs were particularly helpful.Live Online Group Mentoring with Bruce Caslow was another important piece of my success.Being able to attend sessions several times a week without having to take time off from work or travelmade this program very flexible.Bruce's emphasis on "proof by IOS" helped build a framework and methodology with which to rapidly learn new technologies.
Dave Blank, #28530


I took CIERS2 with the intentions of putting the final touches on the journey. Not only were the mock labs challenging the task/command verification was great for reviewing "mistakes". I have to admit, the Online Group Mentoring was the most important for me. During the sessions Bruce was able to take your particular issue/doubt and setup a simple but effective scenario to push home the "Proof by IOS" saying. Thanks NetMasterClass.
Ryan DeBerry, #27987


I really appreciate your and Bruce Caslow's help and support with my studies - in fact I really believe it was a crucial part for my success!Live Online Group Mentoring sessions really complement the Cisco 360 program materials and have been helpful in filling the gaps. If it was not for my training manager and you two, I would have given up on the program and achieving my CCIE certification. Thanks again!
Omid Moheb, #28369
For any CCIE candidates hoping to pass the CCIE R/S certification lab, I highly recommend the Cisco 360 program. Attending the Cisco 360 bootcamps, participating in the Live Online Group Mentoring Program and practicing with the 360 troubleshooting and configuration labs were keys components of my success. The Cisco 360 portal is a great tool for learning as well as tracking your progress toward CCIE success. In particular, I'd like to thank Bruce Caslow, the instructor of the CIERS1 & 2 bootcamps that I attended. Like many good instructors, he encouraged me and wished my success with my CCIE lab attempt. Unlike many instructors, Bruce more than offered encouragement. He was actually driven and determined that I pass my lab and he would offer any guidance that was needed along the way. Bruce's dedication to helping CCIE candidates pass their CCIE labs rivals the dedication that is needed by each CCIE candidate to pass the lab. Thank you again Bruce and thank you Cisco 360 program!
Jeff Galusky, #28378
I would like to thank NetMasterClass and Bruce Caslow for teaching me the strategy and timing required to pass the R&S lab. The CIERS-2 bootcamp was instrumental in my success because it closely simulated the lab experience. Not only were the configuration labs challenging, but the IOU troubleshooting section are about as close as you can get to the real lab! Finally, Bruce's "proof-by-ios" and "proof-by-debug" teaching style gave me the tools to confidently validate my solutions both in the lab and on the job.
Michael Miller, #28901
I used the complete Cisco 360 program for my CCIE lab studies and it was the best decision I could have made. The Live Online Group Mentoring, Cisco 360 portal and graded assessments were all key to developing the skills I have today and building the confidence needed to pass the exam.The feedback received through the portal and mentoring was essential to finding my weak areas and making them stronger. I worked with Bruce Caslow and his entire team at NetMasterClass almost from day one of my studies and I couldn't be happier. They are some of the nicest and most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. I really, truly cannot recommend them enough.
Justin Mitchell, #28160
I wanted to express my gratitude for the constant help Bob Sinclair provided by entertaining my never ending questions. Without his help and guidance, I would not have been able to complete my CCIE in 5 months.
Shimol Shah, #27157
The 360 products and the CIERS2 bootcamp trained me to tackle a task from different perspectives, and internalized the task-solving skill. I found that the weekly Live Online Group Mentoring sessions very helpful. Bruce Caslow was a great instructor, and an important mentor to me. Bruce and his team provided tremendous support, guidance, and encouragement in the past 10 months. Lastly, a big "Thank you!" to the NMC team, you all helped me to pass my CCIE lab exam.
Connie Wong, #27861


I took the Cisco 360 Advanced Workshop classes I and II, they were really challenging, long hours working on difficult labs which helped me practice a lot, build confidence and the methodology and an approach to 'attack' the exam is great. I had the support and time from Bruce (100%) during the Workshops. The Live Online Group Mentoring sessions were able to clear some of my doubts and the online collaboration group they have is great to exchange ideas and different approaches to solve problems. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the support, knowledge and confidence you guys gave me!
Jorge Leiton, #27039